Mentoria de Carreira em UX Design

Thousands of people around the world try to enter the field of UX Design but are completely lost.
Are you part of this group of people?

Career mentorship for UX/UI and product designers.

An exclusive mentoring program to learn how to enter the field of UX, set goals, and upgrade your career.

Watch below a brief explanation of how the mentorship works and understand how you can prepare to apply for the best positions with confidence, strategy, and effectiveness.

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Wonderful speech... but how?

Layoffs? Insecurity? Feeling lost? Fear of not delivering your best? Lack of recognition? Company lacking maturity in the UX field?

All of this is reason for us to feel anxious and/or desperate for a repositioning in the market, for direction, for a guiding light that we can’t see. It’s even worse when we have the ghost of the Impostor Syndrome staring at you at night, when you lie down to sleep and can’t rest your head.

This is the moment for you to reflect on what your true goal is and how to get there. It’s a journey that isn’t easy but, if you start now, you will reap good fruits in a short time. There’s no magic formula! It involves a lot of work and strategy to know yourself and understand what kind of journey you want to make.

The UX Design Career Map has a group mentoring format, using an exclusive framework, where the goal is to establish a path for professional development for those who want to enter the field, those who are just starting, or those who are already working but would like tips on how to refine their skills.

If you truly want to find your place in the profession and know your journey, sign up for the mentoring.

The time has come for you to move forward.

Are you ready?

What mentees say about Lau's mentorships:

program structure


The mapping phase brings an approach of self-awareness for the mentee.

Here, we define a “snapshot” that reveals your current moment and aids in defining the next steps and career objectives in the field.

I venture to say that mapping is the most important phase of the process because the change in mindset and the clarity of the individual characteristics of each mentee establish which journey is to be defined.

It’s a transformation of the way of thinking and where to look from now on. And we will do all this through behavioral and personality profile tests.


When we define your goal – and consequently your direction – we will assess, structure, and align all the necessary tools to make the journey.

Aligned with all the definitions from the mapping phase, these tools will be adjusted to represent your behavioral characteristics and career objectives. This is a great help for the recruiter.

After the completion of this phase, the mentee will be ready to apply for the most relevant positions according to their profile.


The time has come to seek the best positioning in the market for you!

The mentee will be here, prepared in all aspects to apply for the appropriate positions with total confidence.

When everything is aligned, including the pitch to present your work, the ghost of impostor syndrome doesn’t even dare to show up.

This is where you reach the top of your first mountain, achieving the goal set at the beginning of the mentorship.

One thing I can assure you: The view from the top is fantastic!

We will use key elements to start our journey: Strategy, Communication, and Interface. Through each element, we will build all the skills needed to climb our mountains and reach our goals. Together!

an exclusive and efficient framework for you to reach the top of your mountain

Structure of the UX Design Career Mentorship Program

It's 100% online

Meetings with the group will be weekly (on Thursdays, from 7pm to 9pm GMT-3) to answer questions, network and also exchange good ideas.

Furthermore, the mentee will have the possibility of using an online platform that will help throughout the process, from receiving feedback on our tasks to developing an Individual Development Plan.

All meetings will be recorded and will be available to mentees

who mentors the program?

lau yamazaki

Lead Product & UX/UI Designer / Mentor

I help people and companies on their journeys to success through mentorship, strategic design, and digital presence planning.

I am an experienced Lead UX Designer and I’ve worked with great companies like Rivian, Devready, Viasat, NTT Data, among many others. Head of UX and Partner at Nomad Labs, with over 28 years of experience in interactive design, digital media, and user experience design.

In the education field, I am a UX Design Mentor and have been through significant mentorship programs that serve UX Designers around the world (IDF-Interaction Design Foundation,, among others). As a professor, I had the honor to teach and learn with more than 1,800 students, in over 20 countries, between undergraduate, postgraduate, and mentorships.


Mentorship offers tailored guidance and insights from experienced professionals, which can accelerate your learning curve and career progression. It provides access to industry knowledge, networking opportunities, and personal development that are not commonly available through traditional education or self-study. A mentor can help you navigate challenges, set realistic goals, and offer accountability to keep you on track. It’s an investment in your professional future that can yield significant personal and career benefits.

This mentorship is designed for individuals who are looking to break into the field of UX Design, as well as those who are already practicing but aim to deepen their knowledge and skills. It is suitable for anyone seeking career advancement, a change in their professional path, or a more thorough understanding of UX principles and applications. Whether you’re a student, a professional transitioning from another field, or a current practitioner looking to elevate your craft, this mentorship can offer valuable insights and guidance tailored to your personal and professional growth.

The mentorship no longer operates with classes. Instead, there will be slot allocations available to interested mentees. Therefore, openings will become available as mentees complete the program.

At this exact moment as you are reading this FAQ, there are 4 slots available.

Slot limit: 10

The mentorship lasts for 2 months, in an intensive and productive manner.

No. The purpose of this mentorship is for those who already know at least the basic concepts and have a portfolio or case ready to enter the job market.

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In addition to this mentoring program, you will receive some bonuses:

Bonus: E-book on organization and optimization of time to boost your productivity in the mentoring program

Bonus: Access to mentoring community for meaningful networking

Bonus: In-depth analysis of your personality, using the Myers-Briggs typology

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